Kuala Lumpur

After 12hrs on the plane, we finally touched down in KL before 7am on 11 Feb. One of my best mates from uni came picking us up and bought us breakfast. Our first meal was Bak Kuk Teh in Klang! Yup, I told him I wanted Bak Kuk Teh for breakfast. What a heavy meal! 🙂 The last time I was in Klang for Bak Kuk Teh (with the same friend) was back in 2004. I think I can have Bak Kuk Teh everyday – not a very healthy diet, I guess?

Bak Kuk Teh Bak Kuk Teh in Klang

It was a very short trip down to KL as our flight back home was in 7 hours. We went to KLCC. That’s my must-go mall whenever I’m in KL. I need to stock up all my cosmetics – MUFE to be specific because it’s not available here. We walked around a bit and went to Pavillion to continue shopping. M wanted to show me a pair of gloves he saw at Coach in the US which he thought they’re something nice to have – for me, of course 😉 Unfortunately they didn’t have them there. I wasn’t really in the mood to shop that day – jetlagged and dead tired. I only bought a pair of Nine West and a pair of Anne Klein heels. They’re so overpriced in KL! I got the Anne Klein at 25% discount.  We spent the rest of our time at MOF ordering some Japanese desserts. And finally went back to the airport to catch our flight.

Matcha Ice CreamMatcha Ice Cream

On our way back to Europe, we spent a night in KL. An old friend and his wife were really kind to offer us a place to stay. They brought us for dinner and I had Penang Char Kway Teow – which is one of my favourite Malaysian dish but this one was really hot and spicy! I’m not a fan of spicy food, it kills my taste buds and gives me heartburn. My friend then brought us to a Pasar Malam (nightmarket in Malay language) in OUG. I haven’t been to one in more than a decade! I really like the bargains at Pasar Malam. I bought a thigh/leg massage thingy for RM10, which I later saw the same thing at Sasa for RM20!

We woke up late the next morning, waiting for my cousin to pick us up for late breakfast / early lunch – Bak Kuk Teh again! According to her, this one is the best in KL. I think it’s located at Jalan Ipoh? I don’t know KL that well, I can only tell you where you can go shopping 😀

Another best friends of mine flew from Penang just to see me. We spent the rest of the afternoon together, catching up and eating! We were in Dome for some afternoo tea/coffee and went to Sakae Sushi for an early dinner before we went to the airport. I wouldn’t recommend Sakae Sushi, they’re not that cheap, the food wasn’t good me and the service was bad. We weren’t impressed at all.

Our Early DinnerAt the not-so-good Sushi restaurant in KLCC

Lufthansa was on strike when we’re in Hong Kong. I wasn’t to worried because we’re flying there with Malaysia Airlines (MAS). Our flight to Frankfurt was really full. No doubt it’s due to Lufthansa strike. We’re in the check-in queue for more than 30mins. I was hoping I could get some sleep on the airplane but the guy sitting next to me never stopped talking to the other person sitting on the other side of the aisle. He finally stopped after dinner and I slept for good 10hrs and woke up before the breakfast was served. MAS business class is good but the food is so so. I didn’t really eat, I thought satays before my bedtime was a bit too heavy. The breakfast was good though.

On The AirplaneI don’t remember what I was watching…


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  1. I was in KLCC earlier this year and I loved it! I went to Suria Mall and there to MAC, of course! 🙂 I also saw the MUFE store, I could have spent a whole day in that mall! 🙂

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