Work’s keeping me busy, so is the wedding preparation. It’s funny how I wanted the wedding to be a simple one – nothing fancy, and only invite family and close friends to the reception. After we met our wedding planners, the next thing I know, they’re planning for the wedding of my dream.

Luckily we’ve the wedding planners, I can’t imagine how it will be without them. There’s no way M and I are able to do this on our own.

We’ve booked both the garden and ballroom at the chateaux which is almost 2hrs drive from Prague. We visited the place and fall in love with it. We’re going there again on Friday with our wedding planners for food tasting and other arrangements.

We went to a several bridal studio and didn’t find anything I like, some of them are over 1000€ and ugly. I guess the Italian and French designer dresses aren’t my style at all. My smart wedding planner #1 recommended a Polish designer. I went through her designs and I like a few of her dresses. We found a boutique that carries her dresses to see the materials and the quality of the dress. My plan to lose a few pounds after coming back from home in February didn’t really work out. I hope I can at least lose a kg in the next 2 months. Heh.

We’ve also ordered my custom made bridal dress and our wedding bands by a local jewellery designer (I love his work!). We’ve picked our band and photographer for the day. There are still plenty of things to do.

We’re both very excited and looking forward to the big day. I can’t believe in a bit more than 2 months time, I’ll be someone’s wife. *lol*


~ by A on May 26, 2010.

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