Wedding Vendors Rants & Raves

Planning a wedding was never an easy job. Without the help from our two fabulous wedding planners, we really didn’t know where to start! They’ve done a great job to make our dream wedding came true. They helped us to look for vendors, sent us a list to choose from and here’s my reviews on them.

Hana Cihankova – Makeup Artist – 10/10
My wedding planner found Hana for my makeup. I saw her portfolio and her work for media and shows, I was pretty sure she would do a great job (she’s an ex MAC MUA, that’s a bonus because I love MAC. Heh). I had a hair and makeup trial with her prior to our wedding day. I told her I wanted something simple and yet elegant. I was pleased and so in love with the style and looks. The result was beyond my expectation and she’s really fun to work with.

Ladislav Skalka – Wedding Photographer – 10/10
We were sent a list of photographers who were available on 31 July. It wasn’t hard at all to pick Ladislav because I love his style. We met him in Brno in May to discuss about our expectation. We initially wanted him to take photos for the ceremony only but later we decided we would book him for the entire day. Ladislav is very professional and easy to work. He spent 12 hours taking our photos from 11:30am when we were getting ready for the ceremony until midnight. We could see he was tired (we agreed on taking more photos in the hotel after the reception but our guests kept us busy and he had to wait for us) but he didn’t fail keeping his promise and he waited till we were free.

R-Boom – Band – 8.5/10
It was me who picked the band after going through a few of them on the list our wedding planner sent us. R-Boom is a great band, great music, beautiful voices. So, why the 8.5 rating? Later that evening, M told me they kept asking for some wines. I still don’t understand why they asked for wine. We were told that doesn’t happen at weddings as you don’t normally feed the vendors, let alone offering them wine.

Comsa Brno Palace Hotel – Reception/After Dinner Party/Hotel – 8.5/10
I fell in love with the modern contemporary design in the hotel. Our initial plan was to have the ceremony and reception under one roof in the castle and to stay at Comsa the night before and after the wedding. We later changed our mind to have the reception elsewhere. Comsa offered us some interesting menu for the reception and after dinner party. We’ve been to the hotel restaurant for lunch a few times when we’re in Brno and were happy with the food. There’s no doubt Comsa offers one of the best food but their services could be better. We weren’t that pleased with the initial terms of contract and what they offered us. We had this feeling whoever prepared the offers didn’t bother to check the information for accuracy. That was very unprofessional in my opinion. Overall, Comsa Hotel is OK but like I said earlier, there’s plenty of room for improvement.


~ by A on August 18, 2010.

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