Kuala Lumpur

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After 12hrs on the plane, we finally touched down in KL before 7am on 11 Feb. One of my best mates from uni came picking us up and bought us breakfast. Our first meal was Bak Kuk Teh in Klang! Yup, I told him I wanted Bak Kuk Teh for breakfast. What a heavy meal! 🙂 The last time I was in Klang for Bak Kuk Teh (with the same friend) was back in 2004. I think I can have Bak Kuk Teh everyday – not a very healthy diet, I guess?

Bak Kuk Teh Bak Kuk Teh in Klang

It was a very short trip down to KL as our flight back home was in 7 hours. We went to KLCC. That’s my must-go mall whenever I’m in KL. I need to stock up all my cosmetics – MUFE to be specific because it’s not available here. We walked around a bit and went to Pavillion to continue shopping. M wanted to show me a pair of gloves he saw at Coach in the US which he thought they’re something nice to have – for me, of course 😉 Unfortunately they didn’t have them there. I wasn’t really in the mood to shop that day – jetlagged and dead tired. I only bought a pair of Nine West and a pair of Anne Klein heels. They’re so overpriced in KL! I got the Anne Klein at 25% discount.  We spent the rest of our time at MOF ordering some Japanese desserts. And finally went back to the airport to catch our flight.

Matcha Ice CreamMatcha Ice Cream

On our way back to Europe, we spent a night in KL. An old friend and his wife were really kind to offer us a place to stay. They brought us for dinner and I had Penang Char Kway Teow – which is one of my favourite Malaysian dish but this one was really hot and spicy! I’m not a fan of spicy food, it kills my taste buds and gives me heartburn. My friend then brought us to a Pasar Malam (nightmarket in Malay language) in OUG. I haven’t been to one in more than a decade! I really like the bargains at Pasar Malam. I bought a thigh/leg massage thingy for RM10, which I later saw the same thing at Sasa for RM20!

We woke up late the next morning, waiting for my cousin to pick us up for late breakfast / early lunch – Bak Kuk Teh again! According to her, this one is the best in KL. I think it’s located at Jalan Ipoh? I don’t know KL that well, I can only tell you where you can go shopping 😀

Another best friends of mine flew from Penang just to see me. We spent the rest of the afternoon together, catching up and eating! We were in Dome for some afternoo tea/coffee and went to Sakae Sushi for an early dinner before we went to the airport. I wouldn’t recommend Sakae Sushi, they’re not that cheap, the food wasn’t good me and the service was bad. We weren’t impressed at all.

Our Early DinnerAt the not-so-good Sushi restaurant in KLCC

Lufthansa was on strike when we’re in Hong Kong. I wasn’t to worried because we’re flying there with Malaysia Airlines (MAS). Our flight to Frankfurt was really full. No doubt it’s due to Lufthansa strike. We’re in the check-in queue for more than 30mins. I was hoping I could get some sleep on the airplane but the guy sitting next to me never stopped talking to the other person sitting on the other side of the aisle. He finally stopped after dinner and I slept for good 10hrs and woke up before the breakfast was served. MAS business class is good but the food is so so. I didn’t really eat, I thought satays before my bedtime was a bit too heavy. The breakfast was good though.

On The AirplaneI don’t remember what I was watching…


tik tok

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Spring is a beautiful but it’s never really my favourite season of the year because of my allergies. I remember writing an entry on this last year.

We went for a walk on Easter Sunday and we found these little beauties.


Hmm… I really miss M.

The Colourful Nails

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It’s been almost a year since I ordered nail polish online. I usually buy mine from the nail salon where I used to get my nails done. They used to stock some China Glaze but not anymore.

New ColoursLast nail polish order almost a year ago

China Glaze is my favourite brand for its colour varieties. Yes, I wear colours like mint and teal when I’m outside the office. Orly is another polish brand I like, followed by OPI. I do own a couple of Essie.

I placed my first order at Trans Design yesterday and the shipment’s shipped out on the same day. I’m impressed how fast they’re. I’ve only ordered from Head2Toebeauty which does not ship China Glaze outside the US anymore. I ordered:

China Glaze
For Audrey
It’s Poppin
Sugar High
Grape Pop
Strawberry Fields

Cotton Candy
Pure Petunia

Dulce de Leche

Now I can’t wait for my shipment to arrive.


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I’m thinking of recolouring my tattoo. I got inked when I was in uni year 1 back in 2001 – that’s almost a decade ago! Sometimes I just don’t remember the fairy is on my lower back. I don’t remember if it was painful – I think it wasn’t that bad. I remember paying less than AUD$100 to get it done. I was trying to it from my mum like how I hid my 4 new piercings when I was in school. In the end, she saw it. No big deal. All she told me was, ‘I won’t tell dad.’ Haha. It’s funny because when we’re small, dad always tried to hide something for us from mum, who was then really strict to us. I guess I started to get really close to her after I went to uni. Being away from home and I only got to see her a few times a year during my breaks has brought us closer.


It’s been a while since I last posted Sandy’s photo. He’s turning 8 months old in 2 weeks. How time flies. He’s been an amazing little doggie so far. He’s really sweet and smart. We’ve taught him a few tricks, even the faking dead trick which makes everyone laughs when he does that 🙂 He understands simple commands like ‘Let’s go’, ‘Out’, ‘NO!!’ and ‘Do you want Cheerios?’ I think ‘Do you want Cheerios’ is definitely his favourite. He’ll follow me to the kitchen, and waiting for me to give him one small Cheerio.

Pretty bad photo from my Blackberry

We used to put him in his crate at night. When he turned 6 months old, we let him sleep in his bed next to ours. If he needs to go potty, he’ll go to his puppy pad outside the room and crawl back to his bed again. I saw that a few times and it was really cute! M’s on business trip in the US again, so Sandy’s allowed to sleep with me on the bed. He likes to curl himself up like this. He sure loves our duvets. Sometimes he’ll climb up to my belly and falls asleep there. When I woke up my dog wasn’t next to me freaked me out a few times. Sometimes if he wakes up first, he’ll sit quietly and watch me until I open my eyes. He’s the sweetest hairy thing on earth.

My Baby <3

Can’t Resist Them…

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I ordered some of these fabrics in the beginning of the year. They arrived a day before we left for our vacation and I’ve totally forgetten about them. I got 1/2 yard for each of them and I hope I’ll get to use them soon.


I like Tula Pink’s design. These ones are from her Hushabye collection.


I’ve been trying to hunt down Jennifer Paganelli’s Girlfriend collection for months.   I bought 1/2 yard of the aqua one last year but wanted more because it’s a very lovely design. Since they’ve been discontinued, it wasn’t easy to find them especially the pink one. 



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This is so overdue. I still have heaps of photos waiting to be edited and uploaded on my Flickr.

Our trip back to Australia took more than 30hrs, including stopovers. There was no time to have jetlag as we only had a short week to spend time with my family and showed M around. There was too little time but too many things to do and see. I got to do quite a lot of shopping and we had overweight luggages 😀

What I really missed the most is shopping with my two sisters 😉 The girls definitely enjoyed it because their big sister was paying. Yes, I do spoil my sisters rotten from time to time.

On Our Way...
On the way to Mornington with my parents before we flew back here

Cape Schanck
At Cape Schanck

St. Kilda
St. Kilda

Phillip IslandI promised M that he’d be able to feed a kangaroo *lol*

DocklandsWaterfront City. There are some very good fine-dining restaurants

Never Enough…

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I’ve been a good girl, trying to stay away from spending too much of money  on MAC. I’ve skipped the earlier collections from this year, except for Too Fabulous. When I was in HK in Feb, I got myself Dirty Plum blush from Riveting collection. This collection wasn’t released in all countries, at least not in CZ.

Give Me Liberty of London was released on 1st April but I did not have time to check it out until Monday. I really like the design on the box packaging but not the actual packaging. The bird looks scary for me. 

I only picked up Prim & Proper and Blooming Lovely. Prim & Proper is a beautiful nude blush. It looks really natural on my skin tone. A perfect everyday blush.

Blooming Lovely and Petals & Peacocks were the only lipsticks that really caught my eyes. When I first swatched Blooming Lovely, I thought it look kinda scary (I’m not used to any mauve colour lipsticks) but it’s a totally different colour when I tried it on my lips. It is ‘oh so pretty’. I wore it with Dirty Plum blush, a light highlight with Petticoat. The colours go so well together. Dirty Plum is a deep plum colour and may look really dark in the pan. I wasn’t sure about the colour until the cute MA at MAC counter at Faces tried it on me. You need to apply this blush with a very light hand because it’s really pigmented.

I brought my empties for B2M and got myself a Show Orchid lipstick. It’s another Amplified finish and yes, very pretty too! 😉 My lips are very pigmented and I can’t wear any nude lipsticks without scary people off. MAC’s Amplified lipsticks are my favourites. They’re creamy, not so shiny (I hate shiny lipsticks) and full of coverage.

I stopover in KL in Kuala Lumpur for 10hrs on my way home in Feb. I had to stop by at Make Up For Ever counter in KLCC to stock up some foundation and powder because we can’t get MUFE here! I bought a HD liquid foundation (in #188) and Super Matte Loose Powder. I wanted HD Microfinish Powder but they were out of stock. I later got that one in HK.

I’m a sucker for MAC Cremesheen Glass and I’m so happy they’ve finally made these items permanent (unfortunately my favourite shade isn’t). I found Petite Indulgence at Frankfurt International Airport. I was really excited *does a silly dance* because it’s my most favourite Cremesheen Glass shade! I’m on my second one now and only 1/3 is left in the tube. Now I’ve the backup for this one, am gonna use it sparely.

I went to SaSa almost everyday during my stay in HK. I always had this feeling I must get this and that. Here are some of the stuffs I bought from SaSa. The Kose masks which I’m yet to try and Shu Uemura were not from SaSa though. I also bought some falsies but have sent them to my sister.

I didn’t really spend that much on cosmetics and skin care on my trips this time because of that Damier Neverfull *lol* and those shoes I brought back.